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The 7th War Course passed out from the 2nd Pakistan Battalion of Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul in December 1966.  The 2nd Pakistan Battalion was located in Tobe Camp at that time.

Now, after the passage of 45 years, the officers of 7th War Course have been spread over the whole country, and many have gone and settled abroad.  And sad to say, there are a considerable number who have left for their eternal abode.

The 7th War Course is proud of its war heroes Maj Ghulam Rasul, FF, Sitara-i-Jurat (Shaheed), Maj Mumtaz Ali Burney, Punjab, Sitara-i-Jurat (Shaheed), and Maj Tahir Hassan Aslam, AC, Tamgha-i-Jurat.

Although all of the members of 7th War Course have by now retired from military service, nevertheless,  their friendship and association with each other continues to flourish through the efforts of the Advisory Council, and especially its Secretary Maj. (Retd) Khalid Mahmood Shaikh and Lt Col (Retd) Aizaz ulo Waheed

Members of the Advisory Council are Brig. (Retd) Mateen Mohajir, Brig. (Retd) Hubdar Ahmed Madni, Brig. (Retd) Salahuddin Tariq, Brig. (Retd) Muhammad Nazir, Col. (Retd) Shamim Ahmed Khan, Lt Col (Retd) Aizaz ul Waheed, Maj. (Retd) Riaz Hussain Awan, Maj. (Retd)  Habibullah Niazi, Maj. (Retd) Zia ul Haq and Maj. (Retd) Khalid Hyder.

7th War Course was trained in Ghaznavi Company, 2nd Pakistan Battalion and the training course in PMA started around 16 June 1966. It remained the junior most company for quite some time, and had the dubious honour of being ragged by 3rd War (Aurangzeb Company), 4th War (Tipu Company) and 6th War (Babar Company) before earning a well-earned respite after the arrival of 8th War Course in September. However, this excessive ragging did serve to make the 7th War Course a hardy lot, and even the frequent attendance of the BSM's (Battalion Sergeant Major) evening roll call at the GC Office were welcomed by most, much to the consternation of the seniors.

Organization details of Pakistan Military Academy, 2nd Pakistan  Battalion in the year 1966 are as follows:

Commandant:     Brig Sultan Mahmud, FF  succeeded by Brig. Abu Bakar Oosman Mitha during the course.

Battalion Commander:  Lt. Col. Amir Hamza

Company Commander Ghaznavi Company:  Major Muhammad Hameed, Artillery, popularly known as Hameedi as Pakistan's Olympic hockey player. He was succeeded by Major Faiz Muhammad Khan, Artillery, during the course.

Company Havildar Major Ghaznavi Company:  CHM Nadir Khan, 12 C


Ghaznavi Company had five platoons (click for details):

Ghaznavi 1     Platoon Commander Major Khawar Rasheed Pirzada, 5H

Ghaznavi 2     Platoon Commander Major Amir Muhammad Khan, Punjab

Ghaznavi 3     Platoon Commander Capt Ejaz Ahmed, ASC 

Ghaznavi 4     Platoon Commander Capt. Abdul Manaf, 20L

Ghaznavi 5     Platoon Commander Major Khawaja Rahat Latif, FF


Grateful thanks to Lt. Col. (Retd) Omar Jan Sikandary, Maj. (Retd) Khalid Mahmood Shaikh, Maj. (Retd) Riaz Hussain Awan, Maj. (Retd) Abdul Wahid Khan,  Brig. (Retd) Bahramand Shah, Col. (Retd) Shamim Ahmed Khan, Lt. Col. (Retd) Aizaz ul Waheed, Brig. (Retd) Mateen Mohajir, Maj. (Retd) Mansoor Jaffery, Maj. (Retd) Kayser Durrani, Maj. (Retd) Tahir Hassan Aslam, TJ, Maj (Retd) Habibullah Khan Niazi and Lt. Col. (Retd) Mahmood Akhtar Shirazi for providing the photographs





Updated on 1 August 2012


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